About Us - VIETV Network

About US - VietV Free Vietnamese Internet TV Online

Vision Statement
VIETV endeavors to make a positive contribution to the growing Vietnamese American community in the U.S.  We provide quality programs with contents that are relevant to the Vietnamese people living in America.  For the first time in Vietnamese American media– through the daily, live educational shows and on-the-scene community reportage– we connect the people with inspiring stories in the society where they live and work.  VIETV aims to entertain, enrich, and create a media platform that chronicles and celebrates Vietnamese heritage, its people and the historical evolution of their community in America.

Who We Are
VIETV media group was formed by distinguished Vietnamese-American business and marketing professionals whose goals are to create a media network to celebrate our rich Vietnamese heritage and culture in America.

VIETV Network New Generation
VIETV Network creators, writers and producers are comprised of young Vietnamese Americans who came of age in America.  Most of the VIETV Network creative staff are in their 20s and 30s.  VIETV Network youthful employees are united by a strong desire to showcase Vietnamese heritage, while informing viewers of the most innovative news and inspiring stories about their communities in America.

Audience We Serve
VIETV broadcasts on 9 channels, operating 24-hours, seven days a week Vietnamese-language programming on full-power television stations in cities with the largest Vietnamese American population:  Houston, Dallas, San Jose, Washington DC, Boston and Philadelphia.


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